When I was younger I was OBSESSED with wrestling, I remember there being WWF. Though now it’s WWE. In the UK it was on an ordinary channel since things like Sky didn’t exist. I became re-introduced to the WWE when we moved house around 15 years ago and on the sports section of Sky, there was WWE Smackdown and Raw. I started watching it again and I was hooked. I will say that a year or so after the wrestler Eddie Guerrero passed away, I stopped watching it. Eddie was a great entertainer!

Wrestling - Smackdown (1)

While travelling around America myself and my boyfriend got onto the topic of wrestling and decided to see a show. Hey presto, we went to see a WWE Smackdown show in Michigan. It was hard to fully appreciate it because I didn’t understand the story lines or recognised any of the wrestlers. But, the overall atmosphere was fantastic. People cheering, booing, chanting, singing, dancing and waving their posters. It made me want to get back into watching it but I still haven’t managed too. Either way, I would still be happy to return to another show in the future. Happy days!

Wrestling - Smackdown (3)


Wrestling - Smackdown (2)
Smackdown….more like SNACKDOWN.


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