Dermalogica Biosurface Skin Peel

For months I had a weekly microdermabrasion sessions in the hope it would tackle my blackheads. My skin type is oily/combination. But when I say oily…I mean, within a couple of hours it can feel wet. It’s highly embarrassing and annoying. After trying the microdermabrasion for a long time I realised, although the overall appearance of my skin was better, my blackheads continued to exist. The main issue is on my nose where they seemed deeply embedded. The beauty therapist suggested we try something that would tackle the skin on a deeper level in comparison to the microdermabrasion. The suggestion was the Dermalogical Biosurface Skin Peel.

It involved 3 sessions, with them slowly building the levels of acid on the face each time. The recommended course is 6. I paid for a set of 3 and if we felt it worked then I would’ve booked another set of 3.

Before, my skin had some level of red pigmentation from acne and some areas of scarring. At this point, my skin can have small fluctuations of acne, usually around my menstrual cycle. But apart from that I barely get any spots. Which is a blessing as I used to have terrible acne. My main issue now stubborn blackheads and oily (sometimes wet skin).

The first stages of the peel involve cleansing the skin before glossing your skin with acid and then ending it with some enzyme balancing treatment and moisturising. At all of my sessions, I had a small tingling feeling but only in certain areas, which tended to be my chin. It was not uncomfortable at all. I will say, on the second session my skin felt hot and when I left I found that my face was RED. It wasn’t painful, and the redness disappeared within a couple of hours. But apart from that, I had no problems.

The end results did show an improvement to my skin pigmentation. But, my concern was with my blackheads, and sadly they were still there. The pores appeared slightly smaller but the blackhead’s still buried themselves into my face. This was frustrating but at the same time, I expected it because I know how stubborn they are (mainly the ones on my nose).  Plus, when you have oily skin, pores are always blocking up so I didn’t have the expectation they would all just disappear…but some level of improvement would’ve been nice.

I decided not to go for the second course (which would’ve been another £300 or so cashed out). The reality is that for what I wanted, it didn’t do the job. If I simply wanted a refreshed skin look and less pigmentation, then I definitely recommend this. But for blackheads…it’s a no no.

How do people tackle their blackheads? I feel that trying to pop/squeeze them is the only way to tackle them but it leaves my skin with red blotches and it’s uncomfortable?! Believe me when I say…I’ve cashed out a lot of products and treatments for blackheads! Any tips would be appreciated.

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