As you can tell from my profile, it’s been 2 months since I last posted. So where have I been?

Unfortunately, work has managed to tip-toe it’s way into my leisurely life. Although I say it’s unfortunate, I only have myself to blame. I’ve undertaken some work outside my clinical duties. Including a research project which will hopefully be published after the summer of this year. Plus, I have another research paper to write for a competition due for the beginning of this summer.

Of course, my stress levels have increased quite significantly so I decided to up the number of hours I hit the gym.  And hey presto, my stress levels have reduced. Exercise = happy hormones and better sleeping patterns. As I have increased by hours at work and incorporated more gym hours, my time writing has severely decreased. I’ve now set myself the goal of at least writing one blog post each week. Before my goal was 3/4 in a week. I’m pretty sure a lot of bloggers have this goal anyway. It makes sense considering it’s best to write more meaningful topics/life events then just any willy nilly.

Things I need to write about – Finish my blog about my road trip around America, finish beauty reviews, film reviews and write about my recent trip to Budapest and Iceland (and more).

Hope everyone is well 🙂



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