Mothers Day

Happy mothers day everyone!

In society, appreciating mothers has been cramped onto one day of the year with newly traditions to simply buy your mother flowers (stereotypically), show her affection and attention and then go back to normal the next day.

For me, mothers day is about making sure my mum doesn’t lift a finger for the entire day. Don’t get me wrong, I like to spoil her with a lovely gift! But, what is the point in me spoiling her with bought gifts and then she still ends up cooking and cleaning for the rest of the family, for the entire day. That doesn’t make any sense to me and for some reason, I hear and see other people doing the same.

The history of mothers day was to allow mothers to RELAX. This means that they don’t cook, they don’t clean and they don’t stress. Which is exactly what myself and my siblings did today. Mum was not allowed to leave the sofa unless there was an emergency or she needed the toilet.

However, there is a reality that the way we appreciate and support our mothers on mothers day should not be restricted to just ONEΒ day. If we see our mum’s incredibly happy that we’ve helped them around the house or helped them to relax….why aren’t we doing it more often? Mothers shouldn’t rely on one day to feel special. My advice is to kindly remind ourselves why our mothers are so amazing, and living proof that superheroes exist. Give them love every day and always take the wheel to help them be the superheroes that they are. (Any movie will show you that no superhero got that ‘badass’ without a little help along the way).

To those who are motherless on mothers day for whatever reason, take care of yourself. Let yourself relax. You deserve it πŸ™‚

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