GET IN the cinema and watch GET OUT

Get out is horror movie directed by Jordan Peele who is more known for his involvement in comedy TV and film. In ‘Get Out’ Rose (Allison Williams) and Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) feel it’s time for Chris to meet Rose’s family. Chris is nervous due to them being in an interracial relationship and worries of any potential negative judgement. But, when meeting Rose’s family he initially finds them to be welcoming. As the movie progresses, he finds their accommodating behaviour uncomfortable and starts to sense that something isn’t right. As his time with Rose’s family progresses, he discovers strange occurrences and makes a final disturbing discovery which leads him to a truth so unimaginable.

While this movie is counted a horror, there are comical aspects of the movie which provide needed pauses from the tense twists. The comedy does not overpower the movie, still enabling it to be the true horror that it is.

The story has its parts that will make you jump and drag you into questioning all its characters and what their true wants and desires are. This and the ominous music in the background tricks you into a quicksand of neverending questions that sporadically get answered right until the very end.

The film addresses the uncomfortable and downright awkward things some white liberals say to black people. Some of which can easily be physically cringed too. This is due to it having a real representation of what some people actually do say and the underlying passive-aggressive feel to it.

I found the acting to be great and the imagery choices to contain hidden meanings which depict the potential derangement of the psychology of the mind. This again provided a daunting illustration.

You will go in there thinking you can predict what will happen (like a lot of horror movies), with you leaving saying “I thought this was going to happen”.

I really recommend you go and watch this.

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