Mount Rushmore National Memorial

I remember when I stood in front of Mount Rushmore national memorial and just thought….bloody hell, how did they do that!? Carving huge presidential faces from a MOUNTAIN. Well to me it’s so random but so brilliant at the same time. Maybe I have spent too much of my life in the UK, but you never get to see stuff like that here.


The best view to see the presidents is at the grand view terrace but there are options of trails you can walk to get a closer look at the statues at different angles. We didn’t try this because my muscles in my legs were still sore from previous hikes.

We really learnt to appreciate how much planning, skill and effort was put into creating it through the museum. I think (for once) I really appreciated maths! A good place to check out some interesting facts about Mount Rushmore is at

At the memorial, there was a gift store and cafe/restaurant where you can buy the ‘famous’ Jefferson ice cream and even its recipe. By the way, shout out the lady who gave me my ice cream (it was huge) and I thoroughly appreciated this. What was more hilarious was how small my boyfriends was and he’s clearly a bigger individual than I am.

The staff at the memorial hold a lighting memorial where they recap the history of the presidents, history of independence in America and what it means to be an American. It was quite interesting and had that incredibly patriotic feel to it. It was a little bit strange for me to see lots of this patriarchy, nearly everyone in the audience during this ceremony knew their national anthem off by heart. Whereas, most brits can’t get past the first verse of their national anthem. Additionally, it was nice to see how much people respected veterans!

When we walked back to the car park we had a glorious display of thunder and lightning from a distance. The skies in America (while I was here) were much clearer than in the UK so watching the lightning was somehow fascinating. Storms were quite a frequent occurrence while I was there.

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