Kitty-Kat Makeup Bag

I took a little peek into Next, looking for some presents for my Godson’s first birthday. Typically, I always manage to find myself a little something when I go shopping for others. I came across this cute cat make-up bag for £7 and had to buy it.


At the front is a cats sleeping face, with some very prominent girly eyelashes. On the top are some cute cat ears with a gold zip, leading to a gold ‘Next’ tab.


On the back is ‘meow’ written in swirly white writing.


The outside size of it doesn’t justify how much space you have on the inside to store your everyday makeup essentials. It’s made of black velvet which makes it gorgeously soft to touch and gives it that high-quality luxury appearance. Quite tempting to hold it on your lap like a real cat, but let’s not get weird….


The only disadvantage is because it’s made of velvet, it picks up any other fluffy residue so a quick clean to remove any white bits might be needed now and again.


If you’re a cat lover, likes value for your money and need an everyday makeup bag, this is for you! And me, apparently!

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