Exploring Yellowstone

I absolutely loved Yellowstone park! If you are someone who struggles to walk up steep hills then this place is for you as there seems to be more choice of flat terrain paths with some great views. The paths we took were flat terrain which allowed us to take our time and casually stroll and explore.


Before I went to this park I had never seen a Geyser or a hot spring before so I was very excited to see one.


Old Faithful Geyser


We entered the park through the south entrance and had no difficulty parking. Our day hike was from the south going north to get to the morning glory hot spring. From then on there were trails that were off the paved path but by this time it was coming towards night so we decided to walk no further.


Morning Glory Pool – The reason for its different colours is because of what people have thrown into this hot spring. The information centre informs the public not to do this and after a certain amount of time, they have to clean out the spring.


One of the main attractions is the old faithful geyser. They have benches outside where people can view it erupting from different angles. The visitor centre provides an estimated time when it will erupt. So we had to wait around a little bit, but it was worth the wait. Further along the trail, you will come across other Geysers, with an estimated time when they will erupt. There were lots of creatures walking around near the geyser. Including a ??


There are guided pathways and signs so you won’t go wandering off into dangerous areas. The only way you are likely to walk into a hot spring is if you cross the boundaries purposely. Unfortunately, there have been cases where people have gotten too close and accidentally fallen in, resulting in their death.


Hot Springs


I will add that the hot springs smelt of rotten egg, but if it’s too much, just pinch your nose!


When the sun started to set you could see the smoke from the hot springs hit against the sky. I would recommend incorporating your journey with a sunrise or sunset as the hot springs and geysers look amazing in different lights.


We noticed that our drive out of the park involved some sudden traffic. Eventually, we realised that a Bison decided to spend his time strolling in the middle of the road. He wasn’t fazed by anyone else around him. He was huge!


Overall, I loved this park and would happily come back here to do some of the bigger trails that are on offer. I find it to be a park that’s really suitable for families and those who are not interested in long steep trails. This made it a nice break for us, as all other national parks we went to involved highly difficult hikes.

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