Broccoli Face Mask

If I’m ever looking for different brands of products or things which I might be able to get at a cheaper price, I would go to TK Maxx. Yesterday, I wondered in and was on the hunt for facemasks.

Time and time again, I have seen Korean, Chinese and Japanese branded cosmetics. Using products from these countries seems to be a popular thing at the moment. I see lots of bloggers writing reviews about them or finding shared links on facebook of cosmetics from these Asian countries..

When I went into TK Maxx and found some, I had to try and see what some of the fuss is all about! I managed to find 3 facemasks from the same brand called ‘Tonymoly’ which is a South Korean cosmetics brand. For those of you who want to know, Tonymoly means ‘putting style into packaging’.


In this blog I will give a review about the first mask which is the ‘Vitality – I’m Real – Broccoli Mask Sheet’. This mask claims to ‘provide vitalising energy to tired skin’.


Instructions – You tear the packet open and apply the mask to your face. Leave it for 20-30 minutes and then take it off. Simple!


The most difficult part was trying to not get the mask in my mouth or in my eyes, I eventually got the hang of it. The mask did seem to overlap a lot on my face. I suppose, one size doesn’t fit all, but, my skin was covered so who cares! Also, there wasn’t any dripping of the liquid from the mask when I took it out of the pack or put it on my face which was good.


The smell was pleasant, but it just smelt like ordinary soap….I didn’t smell any Broccoli. This might be a good and bad thing for some people. And no…I didn’t attempt to taste the mask either!


Woah…the mask pushed my bushy eyebrows down!


While having the mask on my skin felt nice and cool. The mask didn’t dry completely on my face, when I took it off it was still wet and so was my face. I massaged some of the left formula into my skin and left my skin to dry.

My thoughts after? The dry parts of my skin were very well hydrated. And I had some very dry parts of my skin due to the biosurface dermalogica peel I’ve been having. My skin wasn’t irritated and appeared lovely and smooth. For about 15 minutes after my skin felt sticky to the touch. After another 15 minutes the stickiness has gone and my skin was left feeling smooth.

However, it felt like there is a layer of something left on my skin. Personally, I dont like this as it feels as though my skin hasn’t been cleaned properly. Even with the moisturisers I use, I don’t get a feeling like there is something heavy on my skin. With this mask…I did feel like there was a layer of something heavy lef on my skin.


Hydrated skin! Excuse the pair of pink trousers in the background…


So overall, in terms of hydration I would give this product a definite thumbs up. As for how my skin is feeling after, it just wasn’t my cup of tea so I dont think I will buy this product again.

It might be the case that its just specific for this mask so later in the week I will try the other 2 masks from the same brand. – The red wine mask and the rice mask.


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