Sheer Blonde Hair – John Frieda Review

Every 6-8 weeks I have a retouch of my roots and a tidy-up of my blonde balayage. At the beginning, my hair appearance looks more ‘high end’ in terms of the cut, colour, feel and appearance. Which reflects the price I pay to have it done (dis-including a tip), it costs about £120-£130. I’ve noticed that coming to the end of the 6-8 weeks, the blonde parts of my hair appear to have a yellow undertone. On top of the split ends appearing and my hair starting to look a bit scruffy, my hair starts to look horrible and untidy.

More recently after I got my hair done, my hairdresser insisted that I get ‘purple’ shampoo and conditioner in order to reduce any yellow tones that might develop over time. I then wondered off to Boots and found they had a deal in the ‘salon hair’ section where you could buy 3 products for the price of 2.

I chose to buy the John Frieda sheer blonde colour renew shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo and conditioner claim to ‘neutralise brassy and orange tones’. The directions given suggest that you should use them in combination with each other. In other words, if you use the shampoo make sure you use the conditioner as well. Plus, you should use them 2-3 times a week.

How does purple shampoo/conditioner work? According to it “uses basic colour mixing to hide those brassy tones. So when we wash our hair with purple shampoo, our hair absorbs a small amount of purple pigment, which cancels out red and yellow undertones, making your blue undertones higher”.


You use the product as you would for any other type of shampoo and conditioner. Though, I will add that a little goes a long way. I didn’t need a lot in my hair for it to foam and cover all of my hair. This is great as you get 250ml in each bottle, and it lasts for a long time.

The actual consistency of the products on my hand and in my hair is incredibly soft and silky. Although, most people might think the same for all shampoos and conditioners, from my experiences I have come across a few brands of shampoo’s and conditioner’s which seem to make my hair feel hard and heavy in the shower.

Another tip I would give is to leave the conditioner in your hair for a couple of minutes. Maybe shave your entire body in the meantime? Or have a little sing-along and dance in the shower while you wait? Whatever works for you.

Additionally, the smell of the products is just so blooming lush. I and a friend were trying to describe the smell of the products, but there seems to be no other way of describing it except that it has that ‘salon smell’. Which I just love!


In terms of the packaging, I’ve noticed that the bottle has a pretty sparkly finish to it. To some, this might seem like a pointless comment. But for me, I love things that sparkle!

When I have dried my hair, it feels silky, soft and smooth. Not much need for me to bring out my hair oils for any dry ends!

Overall, I would really recommend this product if you have blonde hair that tends to go a yellow, brassy, orange colour. It has kept my hair the same ‘sheer blonde’ colour as when I got it dyed. Thank you, John Frieda. Each bottle sells at £5.99 and if you go to Boots for their 3 for 2 deal, you could get yourself an extra bottle for free.


Note – I have gone onto the Boots website and I couldn’t find these products in the John Frieda section. Perhaps they are products you can only buy in store…or I just completely missed it on the website.

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