Grand Is An Understatement

My goodness, the Grand Canyon national park was just so blooming GRAND. This is one of my favourite parks we visited.


This park has always been ‘bigged up’, but certainly, doesn’t disappoint. We did the South Kaibab Trail which is very steep going down. On the way down near ‘Cedar Ridge, ‘ there was a stop where there were public bathrooms and some more stunning views (not of the toilet). Bring your own tissue/toilet paper in case they run out.


We kept making our way down and reached Skeleton Point where you can see the Colorado river. It’s recommended not to go past this point if you are doing a day hike.


Along the hike, we needed to be careful of horses (some people go on horse tours) or mules passing by. Unfortunately, there have been cases where people have moved out the way or something has gone wrong, and they have fallen off the cliff. So if you see a horse/mule, think carefully and then move.


Definite good walking shoes with grip are needed as it’s very sand and slippery.


We hiked over the summer, so I would highly recommend an early or late start to avoid the peak hot weather. We saw 2 cases where people were getting dehydrated and ill (I saw someone be sick), so carry lots of water, a hat and cover yourself up from potential sunburn. I wore a high factor sun cream and still managed to turn into a lobster. See picture below – I do not look impressed.


Going back up this trail is not easy, I’m a very good walker. My boyfriend, not so much. We needed to take frequent breaks (which is fine) it was mainly due to the weather, it got so hot that we sometimes felt the air wasn’t reaching our lungs.


Overall we saw spectacular views. The Grand Canyon is a place that has tremendous character and novelty. I actually felt like I was on a wanderlust adventure. I DEFINITELY recommend this place!

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