Las Vegas Baby!


Sin city? Hell yeah. We stayed at the Four Season’s Hotel, which is nicely joined to the Mandalay Bay hotel so you get easy access to their casino. The hotel itself is one of the best so you can imagine that the service was spot on. We did feel a bit embarrassed when we got there and forgot to check if there is parking or they have a valet. Well, they had a valet, who saw our car straight away and mentioned it looked like we did some ‘off road driving’. Both the inside and outside was a mess, and stood poorly next to the Bentley’s, Mercedes, Range Rovers etc (basically all the rich people cars). Our view from the room was brilliant, you could see down the strip of hotels and casinos.


I must say, I understand why some people have issues with gambling. Apparently, I don’t know when to stop. At one point I was up $400, only to come out with nothing 30 minutes later.


We went to two shows, which I think is a must in Las Vegas, we saw Penn and Teller. I remember there being 2 ‘tricks’ they did which I either didn’t understand because it was more of a ‘show like performance’ that had a political meaning at the end and the other one just didn’t have a ‘wow’ factor, unlike the other acts. Apart from that, it was great, both Penn and Teller interacted with their audience well and showed good comedy skills. At the end of the show, they waited outside where you could have a meet and greet and picture time. Another show we saw was O – Cirque du Soleil. Again some comedy was put in which is always a bonus. But overall, truly a spectacular show.


If you want a meal before a show, I would recommend giving yourself plenty of time and letting the waiter/waitress know you are going to see a show at a particular time. We went to the Fix restaurant in Bellagio hotel. The food was amazing, my lamb dish melted in my mouth! The bill wasn’t amazing….$300!


We had a look at some of the shopping (of course, all of the designer shops), due to budgeting for the rest of the trip, I mastered window shopping. I would recommend the forum shops at Ceasar if you like higher branded names.

Finally, we went down Fremont street (downtown Las Vegas). Full of bars, casinos and street performers. This, I think, is more where the ‘sin’ is located. Down the strip, there were multiple stages where people performed live music. So you got to watch musical performances FOR FREE. The only thing I would say is that the street performers were a little bit awkward. In the sense, I wasn’t always sure where to look. Some showed off their talent. Whereas, some showed most of their private body parts. I was more drawn to the talent. It’s strange to see homeless people begging for money, not getting any attention. To then turn your head and see 2 women topless with the American flag painted on their breasts getting all of the men’s leftover change. It just didn’t feel right. Maybe I’m being a prude, not sure. At certain times of the night, you can watch the Fremont street light show. Apparently, this changes frequently in terms of what they show and the music they used. I really enjoyed watching this.


Of course, we went to the Las Vegas sign, my advice would be to go early to avoid queues. Walking down the Vegas strip and seeing all the hotels is always entertaining, at the end of the strip near our hotel there was even a small church where people could get married. It was actually quite cute and stood innocently at the end of the sin city strip.


4 thoughts on “Las Vegas Baby!

    1. An absolute must is AT LEAST one show. I don’t think you can go wrong with a Cirque De Soleil one, but I’ve been told that the blue man group is amazing 🙂 Bare in mind that some hotels have good links with shows that are performing in their hotels. So you might be able to get better prices or better seats for shows depending on where you want to stay. As for other things to do….go on the zipline down Fremont street, but the waiting line might be long at peak times which tends to be in the evenings. Watch the Bellagio fountain show and gamble at the Golden Nugget or Ceasars Palace casinos. Things we didn’t go to (but wished we did) was the Stratosphere ride and apparently, there is a ‘Mermaid bar’. I hope you have a great time! You are going in summer so it is going to be SO HOT, good luck haha.

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