Bottomless Roast? Yes, please.

OXBO Bankside. THE place to be if you want delicious food and you can have as much as you want.

My friend who lives in London recently turned 25. It appears as though my university friends have upgraded their standards from the usual university type nights out. Now, we are having bottomless roasts!

The restaurant is located within the Hilton hotel, which is completely swanky inside (take a look at the bathrooms). In case you get lost, the outside is clearly labelled with a bush named ‘bankside’.


Inside the restaurant, you will see a modern but urban quirky twist. With animal heads perched on the wall. But do not fear, the animals are fake. My one friend discovered the hard way.”Baza (that’s what people call me), is that a giraffe’s head on the wall?” “No, it’s not,” “how do you know?” “Because there’s a unicorn’s head just next to it.”  Unless someone wants to correct me and tell me that unicorns are real..I think I stand correct.


When I was told it was a bottomless roast, I expected as much roast food as I could possibly get my hands on. Let me explain what we got…there is a buffet stand for starters. This includes fish, salad, bread, dips and meat. Next to the starter section stands a desert buffet area, where we could grab all the sugar and fruity things we desired.

During our starter session(s) a lovely waitress came over and we ordered our main (the roast). We could choose from a beef, chicken, fish and a vegetarian option. I chose the beef option and it was AMAZING. Huge Yorkshire pudding, freshly cooked vegetables and beef that melted in my mouth. I had medium-to-rare, which they recommended. I wouldn’t usually choose this, but now I would!


The starters were delicious, but it was hard to go wrong with that anyway. As for the deserts, this allowed room for creativity which sometimes worked really well like the lemon and blueberry pannacotta. But other times it didn’t work so well like the creme brulee. I think they tried to make it raspberry flavoured but it didn’t taste…great.


A man played the guitar and sung in the corner, including Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison. We joined in and had a sing along too.


The meal, including tip (total of 10 of us) came to £44.80 each. Bare in mind that we had bottomless prosecco so I’m pretty sure that incorporated a big chunk of the price….as we did drink a lot

Overall, the service was great, the food was great and so was the atmosphere. I will definitely come here again.. By the time I got the train home, I got a bit peckish so helped myself to a skinny blueberry muffin. No idea why I chose skinny, seems ironic after having a buffet.


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