Next Stop – Hiking in Yosemite

One word. STUNNING. We chose to do the Mist trail and it was steep. But of course, what would you expect if you are trying to reach some stunning views right at the top. Again, some people didn’t prepare for the weather so I saw people dehydrated, or on the brink of fainting/crying. So properly prepare if you want to hike in national parks!


On one part of the hike, we went up next to Vernal waterfall, which overshot multiple rainbows. The mist from the waterfall drenched us which felt perfect in such hot weather. Yosemite was covered in rich green pine trees with water flowing through. Looking up we saw giant grey crusty boulders and mountains.


Finally getting to the top (Nevada Falls), the view was breath-taking. It was then I realised how tiny I stood on the earth. On our way back down we saw some brown bears (a cub and its mother). There was slight panic as the bear started to follow us so, yes people (including myself) started to run. The bear may have looked cute and fluffy, but definitely worth staying away from.



The wildlife was incredible, so many species of birds. When we sat and ate lunch, a gang of squirrels were not afraid to sit next to you and watch. I refused to give them any, I’m not great when it comes to sharing my food.



2 thoughts on “Next Stop – Hiking in Yosemite

    1. You will love it here, it’s so hard not to with the amazing views. Which, of course, is the best bit (the views). Are you able to stay here longer than a day? If so I would recommend doing our trail plus carrying on you would follow the route to the half dome trail. I think they estimated the trail to take 10-14 hours and its STEEP but so worth the views. By the time we got there, we didn’t have time to do this hike. It’s considered the hardest, so if you are looking for a big challenge do the half dome. If you are looking for fantastic views and a challenge (but not the hardest) do the mist/john muir trail.

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