Driving Through Death Valley

There is no surprise as to why it’s called Death Valley. It is a desert where nothing grows (or not from what I saw).  It was incredibly hot and humid there, probably due to the fact that the park was below sea level. I remember the rangers stating that they highly recommend people to NOT camp over or go for long walks where they would be in the heat for too long. I couldn’t agree more. I have never felt so suffocated in my life.


Death Valley itself is beautiful, it’s dry never ending sand swept across for miles. I became mesmerised by the never-ending roads which screamed adventure and mystery.

We drove to one spot and watched the sun set over artist’s palette. The rocks swirled in different colours.


As the bright orange sun hit the bottom, we then moved to Badwater Basin which is 282 feet below sea level. There was (literately) one patch of water and a never ending desert.


Before it got too dark we drove to a spot to watch the stars. The clear black sky contrasted with stars that appeared so clear and precise. We pulled out our deck chairs and stayed there for an hour. We even thought we could see planets as some of the dots in the night sky were an orangey red in colour. However, after an hour I couldn’t bear the heat/humidity. My bottle of water, after removing it from our ice box in the car, warmed up (and I mean really warmed up) after 15 minutes. It was undrinkable. Omar could handle it a bit more than me, but he’s used to the heat. I’m used to the rain and 2 week summers. So we drove back to our motel.


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