Road Trip – California, Here we come!

After driving through New Mexico, we made our way to California. When I think of California, I think of beaches, sun, tan and celebrities. Well, the sun was there, we drove past some beaches, I got a little bit of a tan (mainly burnt), but sadly no celebrities.

So let’s start off where I went in California:

Hollywood walk of fame: In other words, the streets covered with decorative celebrity stars on the floor. I expected the stars to appear polished and pristine, obviously, this is a silly thought considering that the stars are on the pavement where people can walk over them. So it wasn’t as glamorous as I expected but, interesting. Parts of Hollywood got hectic due to large groups of tourists. Plus, there were lots of individuals who wanted you to take pictures with them (because they were wearing costumes) or wanted you to buy their music. If you don’t want to do it, don’t feel pressured to. Sometimes people can be conned. I’ve heard of stories where people have bought a CD, to come home and find there is no music on it. Just walk past them if you feel uncomfortable because they can sometimes forget what personal space is.


Hollywood sign: We drove up to see the Hollywood sign, again parking is difficult and you can’t get right to the top where the sign is due to restrictions. You can only go close if you live nearby, I think this is fair for the people who do live along the narrow windy streets near the sign. It would be such a nuisance if everybody parked outside their homes. As you turn from seeing the sign, you get a great view of LA.


Hollywood Universal studios: If you are in California, you might as well tick this off your list. Each section is divided so it feels like you are walking through different genres of films. So there are the ‘classic films’ such as Jurassic Park, the Mummy and the Simpsons. There are other sections such as Shrek, Super Silly Fun Land, Despicable Me, Waterworld, Animal Actors, Transformers, Special Effects, Universal Plaza, Citywalk and the Studio Tour.


Recently they added Harry Potter world which I LOVED! As a fan, it was a great add to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter studio tour in the UK. I could’ve spent the whole day trying to imagine myself as a witch. Just putting it out there, I am a Hufflepuff. There are 2 rides and a (literal) harry potter world where you enter shops and restaurants designed like in the films. Recently they added the walking dead attraction, but this has been quite recent so we obviously weren’t there. But, I’ve heard it’s really great so check out that as well. It’s nice to see them adding more recent TV/film attractions.  Some parts I felt were good but needed to be updated, like the studio tour. The chairs were super uncomfortable for my bony back.


Griffith Observatory: Be warned, parking here at peak times is a bit of a bugger. Here we watched the sunset over the city. There were 2 telescopes outside the front of the observatory which have been placed perfectly so you can see certain planets. It reminded me how small I was in comparison to the entire universe. We then made our way inside where it’s like a small museum which provides information about space, stars, planets and science which was interesting. You can then walk around and see different views of the city. All the bright lights stretching from afar was beautiful.


I will do a separate blog on the national parks we visited in California – Yosemite and Death Valley.

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