Road Trip – Quick Stop in New Mexico

Moving from Texas, we made our way into New Mexico. We decided to start looking at America’s national monuments. The first one we came across was the White Sands Monument. When looking through Instagram of photos people had taken whilst there, I came across a picture of a naked lady walking away from whoever was holding the camera. At this point, I thought it was run by nudists.

Luckily I did more research, or else I would’ve missed this amazing treasure (my body confidence isn’t that great to be walking around naked in public). Whilst driving to the monument. I couldn’t help noticing an increase in signs warning people of weapons being tested, restricted access to certain areas and dangerous spots. At this point, I wondered what the hell we were driving to.


When we got there we parked outside the tourist information building. When we made our way in I overheard a staff member informing someone that this monument is sometimes closed and used to test weapons. Now it all made sense. Luckily, it wasn’t closed for us.


So what was the monument like? It was like being thrown into a giant sandbox. All I could see was a horizon of white sand hitting against a bright blue sky. The landscape showed waves of sand hills, which you could slide down using plastic sledges.


It was incredibly satisfying to create footprints where no one else had stood. Us brits get the same satisfaction with snow. By the next day the sand appears untouched again.


I had so much fun. I really enjoyed it here. I would say that this is a place that everyone would enjoy, particularly families and children.



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