25th Birthday

My birthday fell on a Tuesday. Tuesdays, to me, are awkward and inconvenient. As you can imagine, I worked. This meant leaving home at six, getting into work for eight (I leave early as I need to travel down the M1 and M25 which can involve horrendous traffic). That day I completing assessments, analysed the results, researched and assisted with any other duties my supervisors needed. Then I finished work at four, drove home (got stuck in traffic) and finally got home.

My work environment, for some reason, expects the lucky person ageing to bring in a cake. So I brought in a massive bag of a variety of cakes McVitie’s sponges. The lady at Budgens attempted her small talk, “late night snack?” My first thought – “are you saying I’m fat?” Obviously she wasn’t being rude to me, but still, if you are going to comment on my pile of cake selection, at least compliment my choices.

Once I returned home I was greeted with huge hugs and screams of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Presents were instantly placed on my lap. I got some phone camera accessories from my sister, which have been very handy for selfies. (This is typical of my sister, she is the selfie queen, and I could learn a lot from her). One was a plastic dome-shaped item which you clipped at the top of your phone. It has a button on the top where you can turn on a light and increase the intensity of it with multiple clicks. The others were three separate lenses you clip onto the top of your phone, one part of it would cover the camera and cause an effect when taking photos. The three are macro (zooming in and getting the detail of a photo), fisheye (creating a hemispherical image) and a wide angle lens. [I will post a separate blog reviewing these].


The card at the front a friend made me, it’s a drawing of a front door. She knows that I have a thing for beautiful front doors!


From my parents and Nan, I got money. Which I am very thankful for! I didn’t ask for anything for my birthday, nor did I for Christmas so it’s sometimes just easier to give me money. I think I will save the money for spring time clothes or it going towards my Amsterdam trip in April.

My brother gave me vouchers for Topshop. Well, technically my mum did as he’s travelling around Australia. But he suggested it!

Instead of baking a cake, I baked cookies. You must try Marks and Spencer chocolate chunk cookies if you like your cookies hard and crisp around the edge and gooey and soft in the middle!

Here comes the birthday weekend. So Friday, I and my family went to a restaurant for a Chinese, which tasted AMAZING. Best Chinese – Peking palace in Bedford. The usual questions sparked up, where do you see yourself in 5/10/15/20 years time. My answer, I hope to be alive and enjoying myself? Not the most creative response, but I’m just trying to take things day by day.




Saturday night. I went out with the girls to a cocktail bar in town – the Lane. Each cocktail costing about £7, so you can imagine, that if I was there from 8 till 2 (before moving on to another bar), my purse was dry by the end of the night. The bar itself is attached to a Mexican restaurant next door. There is a glass wall between the buildings, which makes it very confusing as you expect it to be a mirror. We all fell victim to this. I turned around to find that I had transformed into a short bald man, which worried me for a second. Only to realise it’s glass, not a mirror.

The cocktails were scrumptious, and not weak (I hate it when you get cocktails and it tastes watered down). After that bar, we headed to a more casual pub down the road. After an hour there, I craved a MacDonald’s, only to find that the one closest was closed. We couldn’t be bothered to walk around in the cold for another so we headed home. Overall, a cracking night with the girls. Can’t complain! Celebrating and turning 25 has been surprisingly enjoyable.

Adding to my bucket list – a phone with a better camera, some of these pictures are awful quality!.

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