The Lying Detective – Let’s Talk

Sherlock BBC Series 4, episode 2.

By the end of this episode, I was fist pumping the air. Thank goodness, this episode was SO MUCH BETTER than the first!!

Here are my thoughts:

Culverton Smith (the evil guy). Toby Jones who plays Culverton Smith usually acts as the nice guy. It was great to see him portray the opposite. I found his character to be a creepy and sly serial killer. Which suits the way he looks and carries himself. It wouldn’t make sense to have Toby as an angry vicious violent character, with lots of blood and gore. He doesn’t have that ‘persona’ (stereotypically I mean). For him to murder the amount of people he did, and build a hospital where he could do it. Definitely creepy.

Mary. Ok, in my first review I might’ve slated Mary as someone who got in the way of John and Sherlock. However, in this episode, I beg to differ. Mary still lingers in Johns thoughts and appears during his pondering. I really loved this way of involving her character and it’s a nice step down to slowly letting go of her from the show. Plus it showed she was the best woman for John. It made me sad that he no longer has her (physically).

Sherlock. Back to his drug addiction to the point of psychosis. Great that this shows how vulnerable while careless (against himself) he can be. Even Mrs Hudson explained that Sherlock is an emotional person. Clearly, he was hurting himself as he felt guilty about Mary. So I felt bad for him. Especially when John beat him in the hospital and Sherlock said he was the reason Mary died. My heart sank!

Mrs Hudson. Wow, she is truly a dark horse. Spinning around in her sports car, confronting Mycroft as a reptile, knowing how to use a gun, and forcing Sherlock into the boot of a car (with the help of some men). Nice one. Do not underestimate this lady! Her ex-husband was a drug dealer y’know.

Irene Adler. One thought….are they bringing her back? I wouldn’t think in the next episode, but maybe another series. What do you think? (Disclaimer – I will always root for Sherlock and Molly).

Molly Hooper. I just love Molly, and I agree with John. Molly sees right through Sherlock. Shame she only appeared shortly in this episode but I’m hoping they use her more.

Sherlock’s sister (Eurus). YES YES YES! What a twist and surprise. I love that they address his third sibling (which was mentioned in the books, but as a brother). And mainly the fact that she is evil (or so we think, but most likely). She clearly knows Sherlock’s mentality inside out and probably knows best how to ‘play the game’. I think she has the ability to manipulate him psychologically, which can uphold the most damage. In the next episode, we (hopefully) will get a glimpse into Sherlock’s childhood. Something (I feel) traumatic happened as he keeps having flashbacks of being at a beach Also, why do I feel she somehow links with Moriarty? At the beginning of the series Moriarty did crop up saying ‘miss me’, so he has to link somewhere in this series. Perhaps Moriarty and Eurus plotted against Sherlock. I have no idea! It seems at the end she shoots John. But we know he’s not dead because he appears in the preview of the next episode so maybe she shoots the wall? But that’s such an anti-climax….I JUST DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ANYMORE.

Sherrinford. What’s this?! Mycroft seems to book time in his busy schedule for it. Another sibling? A name of a place he needs to check in? A code name? TELL US!

John forgives Sherlock. I nearly cried. When Sherlock and John make up my eyes were filled with tears of joy and happiness. John finally accepted that Sherlock wasn’t to blame for Mary’s death. And Sherlock’s face when he said it (awwwwww)! Then John speaks to Mary about his unfaithful thoughts (though not actions). He explained how Mary made him want to be the best man he could be. THEN HE CRIED. OH THE FEELS. I nearly burst! Mary explained how John needed to get on with things, and then Sherlock comforted him (Sherlock has the capability to hug people). Then I did burst!

So many hypotheses! What do you think? What do you think will happen in the next episode?

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