Stylish Stationery

Back at work? Why not style your desk? It’s a great way to get some retail therapy and personalise your work environment. Adding some colour, shade, pattern and design to my desk allows me to show my personality. In an environment where people ooze a monotone smart and professional appearance, I find my desk allows me to show my quirky girly side.

In the past, I have spent far too much money on stationery and that will never change. Each year I start off with some new writing material goodies. My likes and dislikes keep changing, and so should my desk accessories. One year, when I was in school, everything had a cat theme. The next, everything was glittery. And now I’ve chosen hints of gold shimmer and shine.

My purchases are from TK Maxx. I can purchase unique brands at cheaper prices, what more could you ask for? Here are my purchases.

Desktop Calendar

A calendar that makes you smile, laugh and puts things into perspective.



Golden hearts galore. This cute notebook I would use for less casual meetings, although I have started to use it as a work reflection journal. What went well? What didn’t go well? How can I improve?



Stripy notes and memos. Perfect size to place right next to your phone or computer if you need to write down a quick reminder or note. Plenty of paper inside, so I doubt it will run out anytime soon.



Gold, Bronze and Silver. I am constantly marking documents, writing down amendments etc. So why not do it in luxurious colour, and in bold. Fancy!


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