Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

My decision was to stay in for New Year. Am I overflowing with disgrace, embarrassment and shame? No. I am content and pleased with my decision.

Septa Unella, please put your bell away. You will not be dragging me naked through the streets shouting “shame” because I chose to stay in. [If you have no idea who Septa Unella is, watch Game of Thrones or google ‘shame nun’].

I was invited to house parties and nights out. However, another close friend of mine suggested we stay in at hers. Watch TV, eat, drink and be merry. I took her up on the offer. We ate (a lot), drank (a lot), watched TV (a lot), laughed (a lot) and watched a free firework display (thank you, neighbours). I’ll always accept a freebie.

Positive notes on the evening; we never spoke about New Year goals. Mainly because we don’t have any. No awkward white lies, “oh, happy New Year, wish you all the best” to total strangers. No frog lips to be seen. No sweaty uncomfortable skin-to-skin contact with strangers or feeling of being a sardine in a tin. No stress or embarrassment. I started the New Year with a happy mind.

Instead, we watched QI, the Big Quiz and the Graham Norton Show. Any show involving comedians makes me bloody happy. Thumbs up.

Why did I decide to stay in? My reason was mainly financial. The cost of travel, drink at bars/pubs and any admission fee skyrockets during New Year. For me, it’s just not worth it. Instead, the only time I needed cash last night was for my taxi home. I had the option to stay over at my friend’s house but…I love my bed too much. The taxi ride home was obviously too expensive with it usually costing me £5. Last night it cost me £12.40. Bearing that in mind, that’s still way cheaper than a night out for New Year, so, I WIN!

Past experiences of New Years hasn’t been amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had fun going out for New Year. It’s just never been my BEST night out. This is primarily due to the pressure of having a good time and the impression that New Year will be your best night out EVER. Which NEVER happens. My nights out are always best when spontaneous and not established around an occasion.

I’ve had a thought, perhaps I ought to travel for New Year next year. Two locations come to mind, Australia or Hong Kong? My brother is currently living in Australia. Due to a lack of cash, I haven’t been able to go out and see him. Surely I should have enough money to see him for New Year next year…? Imagine, on a beach with a beer. Sounds blissful to me.

Or, I might cherry-pick the idea to be in an energetic city with a mammoth firework spectacle. I suppose I could go to London, but that’s just a 30-minute train ride for me. Where’s the excitement in that? Asia is currently on the top of my list for a BIG travelling voyage. When I mean big, I mean at least 3 months. Optimistically way more!

Understandably if I was abroad I would not stay in for New Year, but that’s the whole point of travelling and being somewhere novel. To step outside your hotel/hostel/villa room.

What did you do for New Year?

Was I right to stay in?

Where would you go abroad for New Year?

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