A Frosty Wonder

Winter. Straight away what comes to some people’s minds is dark days, numbness, locked indoors and a shrunken, smoggy, slow mood. Some go to the extent of skipping as much of this season as possible by travelling to a hot country.

I used to feel the same, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve learnt to admire each season. Not necessarily due to events that occur, such as Christmas. But, more to do with what winter gives us and what sensations we feel. This blog will challenge the perception that winter is ‘depressing’.

I went for a walk in the woods today and did some photography. Obviously, initially I felt cold and I wanted to run back indoors. However, soon after my body warms up. I looked around and the first thing I noticed was silence. I was completely alone. Usually, I would feel uncomfortable, so I challenged this feeling. What’s good about silence? It’s calming, peaceful, and gentle to the ears, eyes and mind. I could do anything I wanted and nobody would know. I could never be judged.


I continued walking. The second thing I noticed, frost. Close inspection shows that the frost looks really charming. It appears as clouded crystals merging together and somehow it looks expensive. Touching it is cold, but it’s clean and smooth against the skin and marks a crispy sound. Like when you stand on untouched snow, that crunchy noise sounds blissful.

One of the leading pleasures of winter is the air. I can actually feel myself inhaling fresh cool air. I feel I am giving my lungs a detox and filling it with purified oxygen. By the end of the walk, the cool air has closed my pores, cooled down any redness and leaves it feeling and appearing soft. I highly recommend winter walks with no make-up on. See how your skin feels after!


Lastly, detail. Each season has its own significant detailing. For winter, there are water droplets on cobwebs which make them shimmer. Plants that curl and close into different shapes, a bright white sky which contrasts against the dark wavy silhouette of tree branches and bright orange and green colour that still lingers from autumn.


Winter doesn’t have to make you feel dreary or depressing, winter can make you feel refreshed and calm. During the winter blues, use your sensations to distract your mind. What’s pleasing about what you can feel and see? What do you like about winter? Doing this really helps calm me and re-organise my thoughts. It could be considered a mindfulness technique.


Positive keywords for winter: Clean, crispy, cool, fresh, contrast, mysterious, calm and simply lovely.

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