New Year! New me?

Er, not quite.

Like many, I have tried completing, or starting, ‘New Year, new me’ goals. Joining the gym in the hopes of walking out like a Victoria Secret model, eating fewer calories than a snail, becoming a multi-millionaire and somehow getting my life ‘in gear’. Well, I’m done with these materialistic and vain cliché goals. The reason I’ve never completed them was because my expectations were too extreme, stupid, or deep down I didn’t really want to do it. I’ve changed what I want to do this year, and hopefully forever. I want to feel fulfilled. Not in relation to external things, but internally. I want to like myself, I want to feel comfortable in my own skin, I want to enjoy my own company, I want to stop over-thinking, and so forth. Basically,  I want to live without the need to conform or drown in what others tell me is happiness. Which I feel, like others do, tends to happen frequently. Sometimes without realising.

So how the hell do I do this? Well, that brings me here. I decided to start a blog, with the idea that it will force me to reflect on what truly makes me happy. Not even happy. Fulfilled! This blog will help me to critically analyse my life. With the hope that others will join in, share their opinions and experiences. Hands in on 3? 1..2..please tell me you didn’t…

[I associate fulfilment as something deeper than happiness. With fulfilment being the consequence of happiness. Although, you could argue it’s the other way around. Or disagree with me completely].

I plan to write weekly, unless I feel anything extra significant comes to mind. Or I actually have time to write more. Obviously, I will cover smaller things that simply make me happy, such as, travel, food and events.

Give me some inspiration. What makes you feel fulfilled?

“I want a new year and a better me”.

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